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Santiago de Guayaquil, founded in 1537, is Ecuador's largest and most populous city, known internationally for being the strategic point of tourist distribution for whole Ecuador, including archipelago "Galapagos Islands", and for being the main port and one of the most important in South America for its location and infrastructure that provide facilities for international maritime trade.
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Guayaquil Population

According to INEC`s information, in 2017 Guayaquil had 2,644,891 citizens, but more current data shows that the growth derived from immigration in last years added to the native growth in region has result that Guayaquil is soon to overcome 3 million habitants in 2020.

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Guayaquil’s Currency

United States Dollar

Guayaquil Area Code

593 4

how to call guayaquil ecuador?

dial 593 4 and then dial te phone number of 7 digits
and if it's a cell then mark 593 followed by the 10-digit of
the cell number

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