what to do in Guayaquil

Guayaquil What to Do

If you plan to come visit Guayaquil during holidays or on any other date, here is a brief list of activities, places and topics to consider for a pleasant, productive and funny stay in Guayaquil.
You can check these activities then depending your preferences, budgets and interests, you'll know even before you arrive, what you can do to spend a good time in our city:

Malecon 2000 Guayaquil

1 Visiting the Malecon 2000 is an activity that you can't miss, almost mandatory when you come to Guayaquil, not just for the beauty of its route but also for the amount & variety of activities you can do there, as outstanding examples, you can go for a countryside walking (in the middle of the metropolis) crossing to Santay Island, it is a fantastic walk, full of natural beauty, fresh air and surrounded by beautiful people.
You can go and surf the Guayas river on one of the tourist sailboats (Buque Morgan as example) and see the city from the water, it is a beautiful walk.
malecon4 Finally, if you are not afraid of heights, you can climb on La Perla, I guarantee it's an spectacular view.
La Perla en Guayaquil I mean I didn't mention other fantastic activities within the Malecon because those are things that you probably find in other large cities in South America, such as the Imax 3D Cinema, or the Malecon's Mall, where I can emphasize that prices are on average better than in other Malls in the city. In any case, keep in mind that for this activity you must have enough time, it will probably take you more than one day to know our Malecon of Guayaquil, and you should go prepared because you will sunbathe, so you will need something to drink and probably sunscreen.

Guayaquil Tourist Attractions

2 Plan your travel and walks well, you will have a lot to see.- Guayaquil has many great attraction places for tourism walks, check the most detailed list of tourist places and plan a Tour according how long you'll stay in Guayaquil.

Visit » Las Huecas de Guayaquil» make a Gastronomic Tour

3 Another thing you just can't forget, is to go and taste our exquisite cuisine (I warn you that if you are on diet, this will represent a problem lol ), the best restaurants in Guayaquil such as La Canoa, Le Gourmet, Cocolón, El Café de Tere and more, are several of the many excellent options to go and try a good variety of our Guayaca Cuisine's art, however, if you want to go and try our seafood expertise, then you can ask for "Picanterías" as EL Lechón, D'Marcelo, Los Arbolitos, Manaba, Olguita and etc.
I guarantee you, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET EXTASIATED for so many delights,
oh yes
and probably with a few extra pounds
4 If you come with the intention (among other things) of meeting beautiful Guayaquilean people doing nightlife, then the options to find Nightclubs, Bars & restaurants for each budget: farra-guayaquil Piazza Samborondón, o Paseo Comercial Bocca, ambos ubicados en la zona de "Piazza" Samborondón, or "Bocca" Shopping Mall, both located in Entrerios and/or La Puntilla (Road to Samborondón) Aventura Plaza, or Sector Victor Emilio Estrada (Urdesa) Agustín Freire Ycaza Av., Alborada zone - La Garzota. The "Zona Rosa", in the Guayaquil's downtown , Pedro Carbo Street And my favorite, "Las Peñas", where, among other things, it's common to find foreigners, in an environment of entertainment and culture in one place.

Choose the right Hotel or acommodation

5 Choose a hotel that fits your budget and your agenda, Guayaquil has good hotels in all sectors of the city, check the following map

Map of hotels in Guayaquil by price

Or find hotels in Guayaquil that have good acommodation deals today

Finally remember to carefully make your budget, for this we first share a reference list of prices of Guayaquil of various products or services that you could consume during your stay, and also a summary of very usefull information to visit Guayaquil City, and I also share 2 tips: Use Taxi drivers that have a Municipal registration seal, and don't walk on streets that don't inspire you security
(is that logical, right?)
I hope you enjoy and make your visit to our beautiful city a fullest nice and usefull travel, and hope you too this content would be very useful, we will thank you for sharing it on your social networks

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